WOOOO! TATTOO DAY! Here's some helpful information in case you forgot what we discussed during our consultation. 

-Bring something to drink! If your tattoo appointment is longer than an hour long, you will probably get thirsty. Bring a bottle of water, or soda, or both! If you forget, there is no shortage of convenience stores in the area to grab something.

-Bring a snack! No, don't bring that lasagna you made last night or fast-food combo meal. The health department frowns upon eating meals in the tattoo space, BUT do feel free to bring a bag (or several) of candy, granola bar, candy bar, lollipops, etc. (you know - snacky kind of stuff). Try not to bring peanuts if possible. You never know if there will be someone in the studio who is severely allergic, and we all know that can be big trouble.

-You'll be asked to take your shoes off when you are on the tattoo bed, so if that makes you uncomfortable, bring some nice socks to put on. 

-Wear appropriate clothing! Don't wear those slim-fit jeans to get a tattoo on your calf! Something soft and loose-fitting is a better idea. If pyjama pants are all you've got, bring them along! You are more than welcome to use the studio washroom to change into your “getting tattooed clothes”.

-If you work a hot and sweaty job, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S GOOD, allow enough time to shower before your appointment. Nobody wants to be around someone who reeks of B.O…..

-If you are paying cash for your appointment, bring enough to cover the time you are here (we would have discussed that during our consultation - but if you forgot, feel free to email me). I am also able to accept debit payments, so if that’s easier for you, then you’re covered!

-After your tattoo appointment, we’ll go over aftercare. I’ll give you a printed copy to take home with you. If you lose it, you can email me for a digital version, or you can check the site’s “AFTERCARE” tab in the FAQ section.

-If you have any questions whatsoever, please EMAIL ME. I am more than happy to help.