Winter Hours!!

Please note that winter hours are in effect. They have not changed much, but the studio will be closing a little earlier, at 6pm so that I can focus on winter side projects! This doesn’t mean you can’t still come in for a 7 or 8pm consultation - I’ll be here - I am just closed for walk-ups a little earlier in the day.

alexandra kalb
Alberta Tattoo and Arts Festival, Calgary October 12th - 14th


Yes! I’m coming back!
Yes! I’m bringing lots of fun flash!
Yes! I might be able to do a custom tattoo for you, but ONLY if you get at me ASAP!
My custom spots are filling up quickly, so if you were hoping to collaborate, send me an email STAT! (use the “contact” section of my site)

Looking forward to seeing my Calgary friends soon!

alie k alberta tattoo convention.jpg