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YES! I take walk-ups! To inquire about walk-in availabilities on the day you are hoping to come in, please consider calling ahead! It will be a real bummer to make a trip here, only to find out that my day is booked up.

I mainly work by appointment. To set up a consultation for tattooing, please fill out the short form below and tap SUBMIT!

In your message, please give a short description of what you are hoping to do (we'll go over the nitty-gritty stuff later). Kindly include approximate size (in inches, or by object such as "the size of a business card" or "as large as a dvd" not just "small" or "large"), location on your body, and subject matter.

I'm a one-woman show here, so please allow some time for a response. I am only able to get to emails when I am not working. 

Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to going over your ideas with you!

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Phone/ Contact Number (optional)
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Before you hit the “submit” button for the email form, if you were hoping to include inspiration imagery with your email, YOU WILL NEED TO OPEN UP A NEW WINDOW TO COMPOSE YOUR OWN EMAIL!

Once you have done that, you will need to cut and paste: into the addressee section of your preferred email program. You will then be able to compose a message to your liking, including some imagery that you would like to share!


Tattoos This Way is conveniently located along Bloor Street West, at the Southwest corner of Bloor and Euclid. It's a quick walk from either Christie or Bathurst Subway Station by way of TTC Line 2.

If you are driving, there is paid parking, both along the South side of Bloor, and in several Green P lots behind the buildings on the North side of Bloor. 

Tattoos This Way is open by appointment (or by walk-in if you're lucky) from: 
Tuesday through Saturday

645a Bloor Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-546-8816


(Psssst! Just so you know - your information will NEVER EVER be shared with a 3rd party, and you won’t be sent spam)